Load Manager

Load Manager

Effortlessly manage and monitor your loads across the delivery lifecycle without the need for complicated spreadsheets.

Boost your efficiency with Load Manager.

Upload, manage, and change the status of your loads with ease. Assign carriers, add notes and tags, and filter by multiple criteria including region, status, carrier assignment, and pickup/dropoff times.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Load Manager provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that simplifies your freight management process.

Integration at its Finest

Seamlessly use other HaulHero tools like Track/Trace, Document Exchange, and Automatic Reloads directly from Load Manager.

Share with Ease

Share your uploaded loads with your preferred carriers through the Personal Loadboard feature.

Absolutely FREE!

Experience all these incredible features at no cost. The Load Manager is not only powerful and versatile but also free of charge, making it the perfect tool for your freight management needs. Try it today!