Document Management

Document Management

Simplifying your freight paperwork management through secure and centralized document exchanges

Streamline your paperwork.

Send a link via text or email, enabling carriers to upload important documents like Bill of Lading, Invoices, and Proof of Delivery. Freight Brokers can also upload Rate Confirmations, creating a comprehensive document hub for each load.

Ease of Access

Document Exchange’s central storage ensures easy access to vital documents for all parties involved.

Organized and Efficient

With a user-friendly dashboard - find, search, and filter documents for every load effortlessly.

No App, No Problem

Our mobile-friendly product doesn’t require carriers to download an app - just click a link to start.

Affordable and versatile plans

Choose from a range of flexible and cost-effective pricing plans tailored to your business needs. Experience the convenience of Document Exchange risk-free with our free trial offer!

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Document Management

No App Downloads Ever


50 document uploads every month, free of charge!

450 Credits

Easily exchange documents with carriers with HaulHero

1000 Credits

Save on File Exchange credits when you prepay for 1000 credits!

1500 Credits

Save even more on File Exchange credits when you prepay for 1500 credits!