Carrier Manager

Carrier Manager

Streamline your carrier network management with our organized and integrated tool, eliminating the need for messy spreadsheets.

Keep your carrier network in check.

Easily upload and manage your carriers. Add notes, tags, and search by tags, names, DOT/MC numbers. Our tool allows full integration, letting you utilize uploaded carriers across all other HaulHero tools.

Seamless Integration

Once carriers are uploaded, they can be utilized across all HaulHero tools for efficient and consistent operations.

Tailored Carrier Management

Add notes and tags to each carrier. Search for specific carriers easily using tags, names, or DOT/MC numbers.

Standardized Selection

Mark carriers as “Preferred”, “Do Not Use”, or “Potential Double Brokers” for standardized carrier selection and alignment with your organization’s team.

Absolutely FREE!

Experience all these incredible features at no cost. The Load Manager is not only powerful and versatile but also free of charge, making it the perfect tool for your freight management needs. Try it today!